Bardolino og område
Bardolino og område

Fra campingpladsen kan du opdage hyggelige historiske landsby og besøge dets unikke steder.


En ferie på Camping La Rocca i Bardolino giver mulighed for at forblive i kontakt med naturen og opdage smukke steder, uden

campeggio bardolino


First of all it is the historical center of Bardolino which is worth a walk.

Here tourists will appreciate the splendid Church of San Severo, a Roman masterpiece of Verona and the church of San Zeno, one of the oldest of the province.

Facing the lake, there is Palazzo Gelmetti, the current town-hall, and close to the small harbor is the sixteenth-century Loggia Rambaldi.
Next to it you can see the Palazzo Guerrieri, with a garden extending towards the lake, while Villa Bottagisio concludes the views by the lakeside. It is worth visiting San Vito, a church built in a hilly area, called Cortelline in the XIII century.
Bardolino has two other parts: the first one is Calmasino, situated on a hilly area and the second one is Cisano, just besides the lake. Here you can admire the church of Santa Maria, which preserves the ancient Romanesque faces and apse.